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Created on 2009-05-04 21:06:10 (#283019), last updated 2010-09-02 (368 weeks ago)

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Name:Norman Reedus
Website:Norman Reedus Fansite
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Daily picture community for Norman Reedus.

A daily dose of Norman Reedus!

This is a daily picture community. Please remember to always post a photo in any entries. Entries without a photo may be deleted without notice.

Do not hot-link pictures from other sites unless you have permission from the site owner to do so. If you have your own webspace, please upload pictures there or get a free account from Photo Bucket or ImageShack. Posts with hot-linked images will be deleted without warning to the original poster.

Please use cut tags for larger pictures, to spare your fellow Norman lovers with slow connections. Posts that contain more than one picture must also use a cut tag.
How to do a cut tag: Paste this code into your entry. <lj-cut text="Whatever you want your cut to say"> Everything you want behind the cut. </lj-cut>

This community was inspired by the livejournal communities [profile] ewan_daily and [profile] rightclicklick.

Please contact [personal profile] writing_light with any questions that you have.

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13 graves, 39, 8mm, a crime, a lot like love, adam kimmel, american gangster, antikörper, bad seed, beat, bjork, blade ii, boondock_saints_2: all saints day, brautigan, cadillac records, charmed, chess, cigarette burns, cousin, dark harbor, davis is dead, dead*line, derek lord, deuces wild, durban, floating, gossip, harry odum, henry, hero wanted, i thought of you, i'm loosing you, john rollins, jonathan casey, joshua breed, keith richards, law & order svu, let_the devil wear black, livingston avenue, lucien carr, luster, mac, masters of horror, mcmanus brothers, messengers 2: the scarecrow, mimic, moscow chill, murphy mcmanus, nate parks, night of the templar, nobody needs to know, norman reedus, notorious bettie page, octane, pandorum, prada, preston tylk, project red, pulse, radiohead, ray perso, reach the rock, red canyon, rem, rico, sand, scud, seth, sextools delivery boy, shepard, six ways to sunday, styrofoam soul, survive, swain, the beat nicks, the boondock saints, the notorious bettie page, the rub, tonic, tough luck, travis, until the night, van, vincent harris, walls, Ôsama no kampô
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